Why did Henry VIII marry Catherine of Aragon?

After Elizabeth’s death, in an attempt to keep Catherine’s dowry the aging King Henry VII started negotiations to marry Catherine himself, though his plans had been obstructed by Catherine’s mom, Isabella of Castile.

Upon the loss of Henry VII in April 1509, 17-year-old Henry acceded into the throne. Prince Arthur’s death would be to be much more significant whenever Henry VIII made a decision to marry their brother’s widow, an option which is why the few had to get dispensation that is special the pope. Yet it absolutely was maybe maybe not an option created solely of responsibility, writes historian Alison Weir.

“While the reality about her wedding to Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, would stay a secret for years and years, there clearly was never ever any question that Catherine of Aragon’s 2nd wedding to their sibling, Henry VIII, had been ardently consummated to their wedding evening in June 1509. Continue reading “Why did Henry VIII marry Catherine of Aragon?”