Must-read methods for caring for your C-section scar

If you have had a C-section or are intending to get one quickly, it is encouraged you will get clued up on how best to take care of your scar and skin following the procedure.

We asked Douglas McGeorge, Founder of Science of Skin and another associated with leading surgeons in the UK, all your cesarean scar-related concerns, offering you more headspace for the baby!

“I experienced A c-section a week ago. There is certainly an ‘apron’ of free, saggy skin that is tummy on the top: is this permanent?

The ‘apron’ of epidermis shall get with time. It shall shrink down, may possibly not entirely be satisfied with every person but enable a lot of time for the cells to have back into normal and heal. When it comes to hygiene, bathe meticulously Continue reading “Must-read methods for caring for your C-section scar”