When French orphans called Casket Girls stumbled on Alabama as spouses for colonists

It absolutely was 1704. Settlements across the Gulf Coast in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana had been ancient and conditions harsh.

To smooth those rough sides, ladies had been brought from France to marry the colonists. The ladies, mainly penniless and recruited from orphanages and convents, had few leads in France and readily decided to sail to your strange lands of mobile phone and Dauphin Island in hopes to become colonists’ spouses.

With its earliest times, before Cellphone ended up being element of Alabama, it had been a struggling colony that is french need of settlers. The guys far outnumbered the ladies, leading not just to a decline in likelihood of brand brand new progeny but additionally towards the issue of guys with small to keep them occupied.

The girls received a few nicknames – Pelican Girls following the ship that transported them, Le Pelican; or Cassette or Casket Girls for the bins, called casquettes, utilized to hold their possessions up to a world that is new. These weren’t prostitutes or convicts, as many forced colonists was indeed in days gone by. In reality, girls – many years 14 to 19 – were selected since they had been virgins. These people were maybe perhaps not assigned husbands but, instead, had been courted and permitted to select on the list of guys.

Historian Jo Myrtle Kennedy penned on DauphinIslandHistory.org: ” In 1704 a supply ship arrived, and soon after that, the ship Pelican arrived july. Continue reading “When French orphans called Casket Girls stumbled on Alabama as spouses for colonists”