Legislation Disallowing Filipina Mail-Order Brides

The Philippines includes a statutory legislation disallowing the practice of marketing Filipina ladies as mail-order brides.


AN ACT TO DECLARE UNLAWFUL THE TRAINING OF MATCHING FILIPINO LADIES FOR WEDDING TO FOREIGN NATIONALS ON A MAIL ORDER BASIS AND DIFFERENT SIMILAR TACTICS, LIKE THE ADVERTISEMENT, PUBLICATION, PRINTING OR DISTRIBUTION OF BROCHURES, FLIERS ALONG WITH OTHER PROPAGANDA COMPONENTS IN FURTHERANCE THEREOF AND PROV >Section 1. It will be the policy associated with the State to make sure and guarantee the satisfaction regarding the individuals of a significant total well being. Towards this end, their state shall simply take measures to safeguard Filipino females from being exploited in utter neglect of peoples dignity within their quest for financial upliftment.

Section 2. Pursuant thereto, it really is hereby announced unlawful:

(a) For an individual, normal or juridical, relationship, club or other entity to commit, straight or indirectly, some of the following functions:

(1) to determine or carry in a company that has for the function the matching of Filipino females for wedding to international nationals either on a mail-order foundation or through individual introduction;

(2) to promote, publish, print or circulate or cause the ad, publication, printing or circulation of every pamphlet, flier, or any propaganda product determined to market the prohibited acts within the subparagraph that is preceding

(3) To obtain, get or in almost any manner attract or induce any Filipino girl to be a part in almost any club or relationship whose goal would be to match ladies for wedding to international nationals either for a basis that is mail-order through personal introduction for a cost;

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